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The process of removing a registered or registered company from the list of companies managed by the State Registrar can be done smoothly with the Ebizfiling team by simply sharing the name of your company. The strike request can be made by the actively working company and also by a dormant company. A corporation that fails to submit compliance in a timely manner will be subject to fines and penalties, including the exclusion of directors from the formation of another corporation. Therefore, it is advisable to legally liquidate a dormant company and avoid fines in the future. It usually takes at least 3 months for a company to be formally dissolved, but the time frame can vary greatly if the process is complex. However, a company will cease to exist at least 3 months after the announcement of the liquidation in the Official Journal. However, some companies may ask for its name in Fast Track Exit mode for Striking Off. Before you begin closing a limited liability company, you must obtain the approval of the directors and shareholders of the company. This can be achieved by scheduling a meeting of the board of directors to pass an ordinary written resolution requesting the removal of the company. Minutes of the meeting must be drawn up indicating that the company has paid or will pay all of its outstanding debts or obligations, and a declaration of solvency must be signed by the directors of the company.

The corporate delisting procedure is an online process. You can also view the company`s strike list in India from mca records. A request to remove the name of the cancelled company or company must be made on Form STK-2 with the prescribed fee. For companies that have ongoing business, there should be no business transactions, because 2 F.Y. and zero deposit should be made for these 2 years, even if the zero deposit for the last 2 F.Y. is not completed, the company can cancel. The bank closure certificate must be if the account has in the bank. All work must be completed and any money you owe must be paid to your creditors. If you have pending contracts with customers, they must be fulfilled or early termination negotiated. You will be held personally liable for any unfinished business or creditors who make claims for payment after the dissolution of the company, so you need to make sure that all of this is resolved.

If you still have stock, now is the time to sell it. You also need to sell the company`s assets so that you can pay off all debts, taxes, employees, and loans before distributing the remaining money to the owners. Are you looking for help with the Companies House strike process? Maybe you`re not sure the best way to close your business? For confidential and non-binding support, please contact our team. If a company has not started operations within one year of its creation. If a company does not actively carry on business or operations during a period of two financial years immediately preceding and has not submitted an application for dormant company status within such a period. If you want to revive your dilapidated company, you can contact Instead of adhering to different standards such as filing, auditing, declarations, etc., it is advisable to liquidate a company that is a dormant or non-active company. This saves compliance costs for a business that is not used every year. The company can be cancelled in the following circumstances: If we follow the literal meaning of the strike, then Strike Off means to remove the name of the company from the commercial register kept by the Registrar of Companies. It`s more like a business closure and the business will no longer exist after the removal and will not perform any surgery after that. Upon receipt of form DS01, Companies House will verify that everything is correct and confirm it by mail. A notice is then published in the London, Edinburgh or Belfast Gazette (depending on where the company is based) informing three months in advance of the intention of the strike and soliciting objections from stakeholders.

When a company is deleted, the name is removed from the commercial register and it cannot trade, sell its assets or make payments, or even participate in other commercial activities. Once we have submitted the application for de-listing, the ROC will issue a public notice issued by the ROC opposing the proposed delisting (if applicable). Once the ROC is satisfied with all provisions for the realization of all amounts due to the Corporation and for the payment or performance of its responsibilities, the Registrar deletes the name and dissolves the Corporation. The notice of withdrawal and its dissolution shall be published in the Official Journal. Once all the documents and details you have provided have been verified, we will proceed to the submission of all outstanding forms and documents such as Forms AOC 4 and MGT 7, i.e. for annual returns and financial reports. We will also prepare documents on our side such as the indemnification guarantee in SKT 3 and the affidavit in the SKT 4 form, and then submit a cancellation request from the company in the SKT 2 form with all the necessary documents. So if you`re considering retirement, want to close a subsidiary, or want to free up assets from an existing business to fund a new business, you need to know that. If, after three months, there is no objection to publication in the Official Journal, a new notice of dissolution of the company shall be published. The company then ceases to exist. The procedure for cancelling a business is to complete and submit Form DS01 (available online) as well as a cheque for £10. However, before this happens, you need to prepare the company for deletion, as this may result in claims from employees, creditors, and shareholders in the future.

What exactly you need to do depends on the nature of your business, but includes some or all of the following steps: You must now inform HMRC of the impending closure by filing a final accounting and tax return as well as letters confirming the situation of shareholders and directors. If directors and shareholders are one and the same, one letter is enough. When the corporation is established, a certificate of incorporation is issued by the Registrar of Corporations, which recognizes the existence of the corporation. Once the name of the company is entered in the register, it can no longer be deleted unless the company requests it or is dealt with by law. If the Company does not commence operations or submit annual returns, the Registrar may use the motto Strike Out the Company suo by sending a notice to the Company at its registered address. Under the Companies Act, a corporation is not eligible for cancellation in the following circumstances: the balance of PAYE, NI, corporate income tax and other tax obligations must be paid to HMRC, and you must unsubscribe from VAT if applicable. You must also pay all employees their final wages and salaries before asking HMRC to shut down the company`s payroll system. The revocation of a limited liability company is a relatively simple process and is often confused with liquidation. A business can also be closed by submitting an application to the MCA within approximately 3 to 6 months. There is an accelerated exit process.

The entire process can be completed online. It`s quick and easy for you to close a business. Although the company no longer exists, the liability of each director, officer of the company and shareholder remains and the court can reinstate the company if claims from creditors are claimed. .

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